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How To Talk About Your Competitors

Friday, May 23, 2008

One of my regular cases in dealing with my clients involves shielding their business from competitors.

When it comes to competitive threat, obviously your customer base is at stake.

In a way they can think that your competitor is driving out your margin, and you're facing an imminent doom. Which is a solid case for them to shift to your competitors.

Therefore you must uphold their confidence to secure them. Here's some PR lines for your shout-outs to the public during your press releases or your 'impromptu interviews'.

Deny similarities

"Don't compare us like apple to apple"

"We exist for different purposes"

"I don't think it's fair to compare us directly to them, we're both very different in some ways"

This is a very good start to avoid telling the public how antiquated your product features are compared to your competitor's, and how helpless you're feeling right now.

When they don't have to compare you, obviously you're their only choice. Regardless of the black-ringed eyes from your lack of sleep.

Emphasize complimentary nature

"We're both here to provide better value to the consumers"

"I can see we're helping to develop the industry further"

"They're leveraging on the vacuum that we don't fill, which is a nice motive for us to co-exist"

So now you're telling the public that your competitors are 'good for us'. You can emphasize the spill-effect from this competitive edge to the industry as a whole, and how the mass public will be the winner.

This will solidify their support for your company, which is, best of all, corresponds directly with the number and strength of your competitors. Poor customers.

Get personal

"The CEO is a good friend of mine"

"I know their chairman, he's a decent person"

"I highly regarded Mr.....[CEO name] as a very capable visionaire"

Demonstrating the personal, social aspect of your competitiveness tells the public that you're well connected, well-versed with your competitor's Commander-in-Chief, that you know his strategic decisions like the back of your hand.

Which of course making the public believes that you've predicted each of your competitor's move, and prepared your company for them. A fake light at the end of the tunnel nevertheless, because all you're preparing is a petition for liquidation.


So, in lieu of competiton , these lines are your saviour. Because obviously your product isn't.

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Those are some really nice phrases to use in a PR speech. You have truly master the art of PR!

"i think everyone should just bury their competitors."

(my ex boss used to say)

MarketingDeviant, thank you. Indeed PR is an art. Like abstract paintings, PR make up stuffs and people thought that it has a great value.

JD, since 'everyone' is someone's competitor, so everyone should bury themselves. Poor customers.

klw takde competitors, rs mcm awkward plak. usually, setiap bisnes akan ada persaingan. dgn persaingan, kita bleh majukan bisnes kita kan. wah gitu. ekeke

p/s-zedd jgn pening ye. sy ni AA / CK. hehehe. dh tuka username and gambar skali. :p

For me, it also can be used for the art of compliments..

Useful for those who want to befriend because want to know competitors' 'secret of success'.

Diya, hey, rebranding is a usual exercise. It also differentiates us form the competitors eh...

@lienz, no, in corporate world, words per se wouldn't work for that matter. Bribing needs money.

drive over the Competitors with a truck? =)

I would say never talk about your competitors

For the next entry,it is interesting if you can change a little bit on the title to 'HOW OUR COMPETITORS TALK ABOUT US'.


hi zedd!!! hehehe. lama tak jumpa zedd... :p

Michael, we'll get over to 'how to DRIVE OVER your competitor' later.

Toolbar, yes, dismissing their significance can degrade their arrogance.

Mrs Bean, guess what, just change this post title and you'll get what you wished. These bull5hits are how competitors talk about each other today.

Ayumi, hello. Welcome back?

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