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Sustainable Stupidity

Friday, April 30, 2010

Can we really achieve sustainability?

Who invented this superfluous word anyway? Because wherever I go and whatever I read today, environmentalists, revolutionists, economists and even the dentists are talking about making something sustainable.

Take the automotive industry for example. We rant about the smoke and the CO2 they're puffing into the atmosphere and the gallons of hydrocarbons they're guzzling from the earth's crust...prompting fear that air pollution and energy crisis will degrade the environment until it's unsustainable for future life.

So to promote ecological sustainability, the like of Teslas created electric-powered car, and the like of Toyotas are promoting hybrid engines.

What the heck?

Electric cars uses electric, generated mainly from the filthy dirty coal that's more harmful to the environment. And if Hybrid electric motors can lessen the need for oil, why mate it with to a 5000cc engine that's more than enough to drain our petroleum reserves on its own?

I can has a hybrid motor? Coz' ma' 5-litre engine iz not enuff.

Now how about creating a sustainable workplace? Talking about your home away from home (wether you like it or not) and making your office life sustainable can make you happy and paycheck rolling for the long run. But..

What the heck?

Corporate strategists have long been advocating the saying "Change Is Good" because deep in their heart they knew it: no company can survive without change, and no change happens without risks. And no gain can be achieved without pain.

Guess who's ass is at risk when the next merger, reshuffle, diversification or retrenchment take place?

It's yours. Never mind you make friends, communicate well, reward your staff or whatever silly emotional chores you did to make your professional life sustainable. Because sustainability never work collectively. Everybody- directors, peers, managers, subordinates, they only care for their own ass.


The only thing that's sustainable throughout human history (since the day 1 of human creation if you're a believer) is greed, selfishness, self-centered paranoia and possessiveness. Something that will surely kick out the 'green' habit or whatever rubbish we talk about when creating something sustainable, in the near future.

The verdict for these 'Sustainable' bullshits?

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