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Your Work Is Full of Gaps!

Sunday, May 18, 2008

Let's admit there's no way you can have a successful corporate life by being perfectly pious.

Because frankly, you're not perfect (read: you're a crap).

And, sadly, so does people around you. Your co-workers, your boss, the directors, and yes, even the tea-lady.

It's the genetic legacy we human carry, and because of our collective imbecility produces cumulative mediocrity, we are caught in the fundamental barrier to career success:

"To Err is Human"

And that explains why you don't get the promotion you deserved. And why frustration is your daily dose. And why early retirement is your forbidden fruit.

And the saying goes with "To Forgive is Divine". How true. And weak as well. Don't merely forgive lest we'll miss some hidden opportunities. Therefore, I'm going to replace it with:

"To Exploit Is Divine"

And for that reason, I would like to introduce a modified theory based on the infamous Conceptual Model of Service Quality And...(read it yourself, attached down below).

My version of the theory is called:

Something wrong with blogger this chart should be larger.

The Process

Here’s how your daily cookie cutting works.


1-interpret your boss’s expectations.

2-then set certain objectives to fulfil those expectations.

3-work hard and deliver your performance.


4-measures your performance.

5-decides whether you perform as expected.

The Gaps

But, as the above chart explains, things are much more complicated than it seems.

*Your interpretation of your boss's expectation isn't always true (Gap 1),

*What you intend to deliver doesn't always correspond those interpretations (Gap 2),

* What you actually deliver doesn't always equal what you intend to deliver (Gap 3),

and well,

*as you can see, your boss doesn't always see what you actually deliver (Gap 4 & 5).

Had these gaps didn't exist, I'm sure your face is beaming with smiles on your way to work every morning. But that's not the case.

"There's no point being pious, when human are full of flaws."

We'll explore more of these gaps in the upcoming posts. Yawn. I sounded more like a lecturer. Question anyone?

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Lecturer? Hehe...be careful,might receive a 'love letter' hihi...

In order to break off the gaps,to be closed with your bosses is one of the ways.But,mind your step...you may have few gaps to 'attach' to them..

The sad thing is our boss doesn't always see what you actually deliver..frustrated is normal but then how to make them REALLY see what we are doing?

and we can replace boss with customer and exactly the same would apply :-)

hehe. sekarang kite tengah keje. but, not really keje lah. kite buat praktikal sebulan. eheh. sebulan je. quite bored, zedd. huhu. maybe sbb tak banyak sangat keje kena buat.

@lienz, the gaps can only be removed by you being the boss. Which means, resign and stay at home. And starve.

BizGiftGuru, correct. The original concept involves customers and services. I replaced them with superiors and the boring corporate jobs.

Crayon Akak, have fun with your internship. In the process, steal some stationaries. Follow the norm.

Be ready to have same thinking as your bosses..you will develop the gaps for your future staff..believe it!

It's clear an employee will never have the same level of thinking with a boss. Because that's why they're stuck down there. Apart from lack of office politicking that is.

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