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Free Tool To Prevent You From Being A Fool

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Apart from being an average Joe, you can also be a sorry fool. So what makes you a fool?

Apparently, a lot of things. But do you know some of them can be eliminated using your web browser?

Yes, you can. In conjunction with Black Zedd's Basic Literature's first anniversary this week, I'm throwing you a splendid gift.

Black Zedd's Toolbar

So what makes you a fool that you can avoid by using this toolbar?

1. You're Clueless About Your Work/Project/Report

Solved. Perform a quick search for your work from different knowledge portals (apart from Google) anytime you're facing those terms/jargon you're clueless about.

You can also search for downloadable documents like PDFs, MS Word and MS Powerpoint presentations using the 'Search For Your Work Literature' feature. Plagiarism ahoy!

2. You're Often Slammed For Being Outdated With The Latest News

Solved. Quickly scan the latest headlines from leading news publication around the world. Shove it into your boss's @ss- every single minute of updates.

3. Your Cubicle Is On The Poorest Spot That You Hardly Knows The Weather Outside

Solved. Now you can stay forever inside your cubicle. The tool automatically detects your location and serve you with the current and forecasted weather condition.

4. You Spent So Much Time Logging Into Different Email Accounts Only To Find Out No One Sent You Anything

Solved. Preserve your ego. Now you can bundle ALL your emails together to check for updates. Oh, you can even play a sound too if you receive a new email. May not be worthwhile to read though.

5. You're Too Paranoid To Abuse Your Workstation By Browsing The Internet

Oh come'on. No body's going to tell. And nobody's going to find out too with this quick nifty button to clear your browsing trail. Solved.

Stop looking like a fool. Go ahead and download the toolbar for free. No spyware, malware or any Tupperware for that matter.

Toolbar hosted by Conduit, please view the Trusted Download Program Certificate here.

It's easily configurable (lots of other features) and shrinkable. You can uninstall it anytime. Give it a try.

On a related note, it's been a year since Black Zedd first wrote in this blog, so I would like to thank all of you for reading, bookmarking and linking the Basic Literature. Keep it real folks...

Now get back to work. Your boss is waiting for the damn report.

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that sounds pretty good and i will check this out because it seems really interesting.

heh, sounds like a useful toolbar.

and hey! congrats on the anniversary! here's to many more sarcastic posts to come!

Almir, the most interesting part is you'll always be connected to this blog. Hm..

Elly M, thanks. Let's hope the corporate world doesn't improve itself, or I'll be out of subjects to mock.

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