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The Corporate Duel: Women Vs Men

Tuesday, March 31, 2009

We’re approaching an era where female may outnumber male in the the population figure, so empirically it’s a matter of time before we’ll see more woman command the top seats in the chain of commands.


But suffering from persistent sexism, prejudice and discrimination from the incumbent side of the gender war, can women uphold the natural selection and dominate the top position in the corporate world?

Basic Literature investigates Men Vs Women as a management personnel.

Women are emotionally unstable

Mood swings associated with menstrual pain, menopausal effects and other natural feminine instincts are affecting women and women alone. Expecting professionalism from women may be more difficult than from their male counterpart.

Men doesn’t have those medical reasons to bug them, so they can think straight and professional. They solve problems faster- through table-banging, chair-throwing and fist-fighting. They’re not emotional. Just physical.

Ah..the ever notorious Taiwanese Parliament..

Women need more leave days than men

Maternity leave is a constant nightmare for HR strategists. The fact that this lengthy break is protected by the labor law, coupled with the usual parental desire to have kids, mean there’s no walk-around to this apparent shortcoming of having woman in managerial positions. They can be missing during the most crucial times- and worst of all they’re still being paid.

Unlike women, men doesn’t have to go through these lengthy leaves, so men availability is much more reliable- a critical issue in any managerial position. Instead of taking a silly long break, men prefer to have short bursts of emergency leaves especially on Mondays and any other day they feel like not going to work.

Women’s commitment lies at home.

Traditionally it has been women who played the crucial role in managing the day-to-day operation of the family. They’re so good at them that this role is inherited from mother to daughter throughout the centuries. When the kids start to give trouble at home, mothers are more likely to respond because ‘it’s the nature’.

Men, meanwhile, doesn’t have this commitment limiting their movements. So they can focus more on the job at the office- which includes sexual harassments, love triangle, extra-marital affairs, cheating, adultery, two-timing, double-crossing..things that require them to ‘commit’ more time at the office.


Women will always fight against the odds

Historically, men always perform better than women as leaders. Look here:

What’s the similarity among these great people: Alexander The Great, King Leonidas, Achilles, Napoleon and Genghis Khan? Well, they’re great warriors and it’s obvious none of them are women.

Now, what about these people: Adolf Hitler, Pol Pot, Robert Mugabe, Idi Amin, Saddam Hussein, Suharto? Well, they’re all famous leaders, but for the very wrong reasons.

Oops..And they’re all men.

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I think you absolutely hit the nail on the head when you said that leave time is an HR nightmare. The big issue - and one that no one can avoid - is that women have babies. With that in mind there is always going to be a larger number of men in top power positions. You can't have a CEO/CFO just leave.

Now, is it fair to say that older women will have a better chance than their younger counter parts?! I don't know, but that may be the truth.

Times are changign. Women plays more important roles than ever before. Has anybody heard about women during political meetings in World War times? .. and now we see everywhere Hillary Clinton, Michell Obama ....

You have some very strong arguments in favor of men and women both. You showed the worse and the good men both in post. I think we are going to have some cool entrepreneurs in near future who would be pure women.

Great is the difference between a man and woman, and I fully agree with you except that the man is always a better leader than women. But the truth is that women are worse than men when they are in power.

I think it is very normal thing for women to manage all that even in their tough days. Natural behavior can't be changed though but we are capable of to manage all situations.

Amazing Truly Amazing
I Think I Need A Abdominal Gaurd For My Office

it is reality but as part of lyrics " it is a man's world but it could be nothing without women and girls. both of them are playing different roles in the world but the same importance.

Those are the harsh reality about women. Yeah harsh, and a bit rude, but it's true. Women do need longer breaks (like maternity leave), even restroom breaks, and they really are better at household chores compared to men.
But come on, the corporate world should treat everyone equally. :D

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