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Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Iimaget’s the tenth anniversary of the movie Fight Club, the one where Brad Pitt stars as an all-knowing anti-advertisement communist who makes ‘hitting the bottom’ looks cool enough.

I’m a fan of this mind-twisting flick, simply because it conveys a meaningful message, the message that strikes through our unconscious stream of societal standards, peer regulation and the recycle bin of rationalism.

White-collar working class is manipulatable.

I’m sure ‘manipulatable’ isn’t a word, but then we can easily manipulate the fact so that you’ll believe it is.

If desk-cubicle-photocopy-coffee is your everyday combo, is it possible that..

  • You want to work someplace else, but your needs strapped you tight with your current company.
  • You always wanted to look for a higher salary, but but you can’t risk your current paycheck.
  • You’re always on the hunt for newer fashionable stuff and swap your cell phones faster than your underwear.
  • Your monthly financial commitments (loan repayments, gym etc.) leaving you eating less than what you desire.
  • You don’t own any real estate property.

If most of those things sound like your cake, then you’re working in a job you hate buying things you don’t need….therefore:

Advertising is your Buddha.

Advertising tells you what to buy and how to wear and when to snort. If you don’t fall for it, your peers and your family will. If you refuse to oblige, they will judge you. If you won’t comply, they’ll force you to confirm.

Together, you’re subjected to a social standard, set as a result of cumulative hallucination by advertising that collectively targets all the people in your life, making a large peninsular of opinion that you must attach your tiny island of personality to. As a result, you will confirm to this standard, and embrace advertising as your divine orientation.

Is this bad for you? Not really.

You are not special. You’re not a beautiful and unique snowflake. You’re the same decaying organic matter as everything else. We’re all part of the same compost heap. We’re all singing, all dancing crap of the world.

-Tyler Durden, Fight Club

So you’re just fulfilling your role, in style. Still, unlike what the movie tries to tell you, you have choices. Be a slave of advertising- or subject yourself to the communist. In a way, apart from they both consider Che’ Guevara cool, they both will make you feel stupid.



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fight club is one of my best movies, I found a part of myself when i whatched, and i dont mean that i want to explote a bilding.

Wow! This is amazing. This post will really make a lot of people think...Is this me? Is this for me? Thank you for sharing something like this.

What a great movie. Aside from the great cast, story line and what not, the film really makes you question typical normalities in today's society. Tyler Dudren almost justifies his use of violence with his philosophical beliefs.

Ladies and Gentlemen, the greatest film after WW2 (and if u can find a film better than this before WW2 call me) This film was magnificent from start to finish and had perfect performences even from Bob. Norton proved himself and Brad pitt did some serious ass kicking. I loved the story and even though the surprise twist was ruined, the film has still effected me. Well done to everyone and anyone who had a part in this film, FANTASTIC.

Absolutely brilliant film, 10 years already though? Think I might dig it out in a minute and give it a watch again!

THis was a great movie! It's hard to believe it was 10 years ago when it came out. I will never forget the part at the end when Norton tries to shoot himself in the head and doesn't die. Man, what a way to bring you back to earth.

Undoubtedly fight club is the one the blockbuster movie. this post remembers my college days.

I have no idea why I love this movie so much but I do. I have the DVD but it's one of those films that if it's on, no matter what else I'm doing, I stop and watch it. Call me crazy.

I remember when this first came out and thought, "what's the fuss?". Typical stuff -- some you catch right away and become instant fans; others you put on the back burner.

This was the latter and didn't watch it until probably a year later (at least, since I saw it on video).

Then I realized what the fuss was about! Certainly one of those films that made you think, "maybe Hollywood is changing after all".

Well, Hollywood didn't change, but movies like this certainly show us the potential, and hopefully encourage more to find the many hidden gems that Hollywood misses!

People are picking this ideaology up more and more. When details may differ the point remains. Rise up and be the expeption the the current money-dependancy in societies. Never tought of Fight Club advocating it tho but I can see how it can be views as that. Cudos to you for picking that up even in a movie. Real guru is being born. :p

Interesting post. I agree with all your points towards the start of your post and I'll say that most people are afraid to break out of their comfort zones. Oh and Fight Club was a great movie with Ed Norton. I think he was in Project X, if that's the one I'm thinking of.

I agree with Hilary.. Fight Club was a great movie, made me feel like I was a part of it!!

Anytime that a movie keeps me guessing until the end I like it, I have to admit with movies like fight club i can not rewatch them though cause I know the secret.

This movie was sicko cool, ed norton rocks in it, not as good as american history x but xloaw.

Interesting posting mate. I really like fight club. It think it teach us much about life lesson. Thanks for sharing mate

I can't belive Fight Club is 10 years old, it's one of my all time favourite films, a classic. Reading your post and thinking about the story behind Fight Club brings home the realisation that without noticing I'm probably become part of the desk-cubicle-photocopy-coffee society. I too have dreams which are held back by the fear of the unknown and uncertainty. I might just have to pull the trigger and cut loose. Good post.

This was the movie in which bp adjusted his looks yet again. Dropped few pounds and had more cuts. And later in coming years gained more to fit in Troy..dedicated actor..simply a champ!!!

Fight Club is by far one of the best movies. This one is a permanent selection in my DVD list. Don't be a meat puppet. Years before MMA, this is where it may have begun.

That's quite a great post. it sounds like a movie to die for. People always get trapped with this advertisement stuff and it's like your like just become determined by other. Thanks for the post

Nice blog post. But why don't you update your blog frequently.

Like others I can’t believe it has already been 10 years. I remember how this was one of those movies that changed me. I walked out of the theatre a completely different person. It’s hard to explain. I later read the book, and well this is the first case where the movie is actually better than the book!

Pretty good post, however I think you meant to say 'conform': "If you won’t comply, they’ll force you to confirm" and then again in a paragraph below it.

@Damien - You might be thinking of American History X where Ed Norton played a skinhead. Project X starred Matthew Broderick and a chimp ;-)

This film reminds me my teenager days, What a great movie..! Thanks

i would like to say thank you for sharing this cool blog,good job,keep it up..
we love it..

Interesting posting. Fight club movie is very nice movie. It think it teach us much about life lesson. Thanks for sharing.

One of the Brad Pitt movie that I've ever seen, I still watch it whenever it plays on HBO or Cinemax.

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