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Your Friends, Your Email And The Stupidity

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

I'm sure you spent hours everyday going through your email. Do you know your mailbox is an excellent tool to measure the level of stupidity of your friends?

Just count how many of your friends are abusing the saying 'Sharing Is Caring' and blindly forward every possible email they receive.

Okay, then maybe you like some of those emails, like the humor and funny jokes to keep you lighten up in contrast of your doomed career. And those motivational slide shows to disorientate you from the fact that you hate your job.

But how about the stupid email about Bill Gates who's sharing his fortune? Or the absurd email about how the sun will rise continuously for 1 and half days this month? Or any of these collection of hoax emails that people like to forward endlessly?

If MOST of your inbox are filled with those kind of craps, than it's safe to conclude that your friends are a bunch of gullible idiots.

But wait..

"Birds of a Feather Flock Together"

..which means, by befriending them, you're an idiot too. Ooops.

p/s: if you're also guilty of forwarding those emails, I'm astounded by the fact that you're reading this blog.

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Haha, and then they are so lazy that they never bother to edit all the previous forwarded addresses. I could make a fortune selling off these forwarded email addresses. Maybe I should quit my job and be a supplier for spammers...

(in truth the people who like to forward these stupid things are friends who only bother to keep in touch via forwarded emaukils... I guess that's a good indicator of where the friendship is going...)

I am not one of them. I hate to receive that kind of e-mail. As I know that you are MAYBE familiar with this kind of people - PLEASE teach me - how to be frank to them - to tell them 'PLEASE DO NOT THROW THE RUBBISH or I will be the same IDIOT like you : STUPID!

I don't even read forwarded emails anymore. I stopped that little time-waster back in high school. I think everyone should get over those after having their first email account for 2 weeks ...

Hey, is good entertainment for the day!

Many of those emails are of corporate big shot companies.. Good way to leak Emails eh :)

Elly M, I've made some fortune selling those email addy to those affiliate marketers.

Mrs.Bean, just forward this email to them. But don't expect them to forward it later.

Chris, the problem starts when the co-workers start forwarding them. You have no choice but to open them, or risk skipping important work messages.

Maketing Deviant, that's why I wrote this entry!

Alex, this is what viral marketing all about. Sickening.

I totally agree with you. It also shows how much time your friends are wasting daily, although day are at job and should be working something more productive.

Stefany, who needs productivity at the circus?

Many of those emails are of corporate big shot companies.. Good way to leak Emails eh :)

Well, many having an habit of just forwarding anything which they receive but according to me it is a bad habit as it can leave a negative impact.

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