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How To Handle A Stupid Boss

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Yes it is possible that your boss is a hard-worker, he stays back every day. He can be a great communicator- he speaks with charm, and have a boatloads of charisma, his bosses and superiors adore him.

But at the same time, it is also possible that he’s stupid. He can’t get even a simple job done on his own. He’s incompetent in the technical sides of everything, repeating the same mistakes every time. He’s a slow learner, repetitively questioning your work unnecessarily, insisting he’s right over and over again.

And at the end of the day, he’ll take all the credits, unbeknown to his superiors that your boss is nothing without you.

stupid-boss-annoys And I understand how this annoys you. Your work becomes 10 times more complicated, the arguments and repetitive briefings mean it took longer time to finish even the simplest tasks, and it all ends up with him getting the compliments.

As usual, you can stop this.


Let his superiors know…

Plant time bomb in your work

In your report, plant some intentional errors that he, because of his naivety, won’t detect. Let’s hope the report gets submitted to his superiors and they notice the mistakes and tick him off for submitting a report full of flaw…which obviously proves that he’s incompetent, or someone else is doing his job and he didn’t bother/know how to check.


Sabotage his meetings/presentation

If you prepare materials for his meetings and presentations, always leave crucial but basic information out of his slides, files or notes. When he’s in the middle of the meeting/presentation, he’ll come to a complete halt because of those omitted simple facts. This will publicly prove that he doesn’t have even the basic knowledge, and will trigger an inquisition into his past work and credibility.


Stamp at footer and docs info

If he repetitively take credits for everything you do, stamp your work documents with ‘prepared by [your name]’ in places he’ll find it hard to edit. In Word’s documents for example, type your name in the footer. Even better, in PowerPoint's slide, use the slide master.


Let him know…

Quietly submits application for training on his behalf

Apply, quietly for him, for basic training courses (How To Use Microsoft Office) or other classes deemed only suitable for complete noobs and beginners (like him). Look at how he’ll sit back and wonder whether he actually needs the training and struggles to rationalize the reasons he doesn’t need one.


Flaunt your credentials everywhere

Use your cubicle as your gigantic resume: hang your professional certificates,  technical credentials, your academic achievements..anything that speaks you’re technically more qualified than him in every single way possible.


Always use jargons to speak with him in public

He’ll struggle to keep up with the technical side of the conversation, and will try hard to prove to the others he knows what he’s talking about, looking like an idiot all the way.


Let’s hope this combo of awareness will neutralize him out of your way- let’s hope he’ll learn some respect for you.

……Just don’t forget to abuse that respect as a revenge.


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My immediate boss is stupid. At the same time, she always has a good reason to let her subordinate to settle her work - I am so busy. Big boss give me a lot to do. Please do this. This is urgent-

She don't want to learn. She is a good instructor. I am using the first way to make her learn something. Finally she had learn - my big boss was a TRAINER.

Nice shoot.. :)) This is a idea to a stupid boss. but i suggest that find a way that he/she can realize his wrong did. But be sure that he will not be offended.

My boss is my brother and he is a very interesting and full of great humor. He is full of commitment but he was never nervous. He always has a positive attitude and radiating positive energy.

I'm assuming that this post is meant to be humorous? At least I hope so!

:-D...You have some really solid ideas here. God, knows I have had my share of not only stupid bosses, but jerks as well.

i thinnk its a good idea that "the boss" is not ayways the boss,but also a human being with her likes and dislikes,pains and joys.just like you.i think if you like at it this way, you will find a way to deal with your boss without getting all worked up.

I will become jerks with this. I will try it with my boss LoL :))

These are all great IF you're willing to lose your job.

I'm working for the worst boss I've ever had in my life and one guy at work just tried to sabotage him. It backfired ... and he got fired.

Just ensure you're golden in your approach and that you've got yourself totally covered, so that any fallout that does come your way can't be deflected back on to you.

Haha! That's so mean. But funny. :) Thanks for sharing that. I don't know if I'm ever gonna be able to do those things. I'm a model employee. :D

Ha ha...Nice shot! I enjoyed much this article :))

Always use jargons - I always do this with my previous boss and it really work, I can still remember how he puzzled his look whenever we talk using technical terms. lols

Why is it like that even simple task, bosses still will forward the task to their employee's. Even preparing coffee? Lucky of me, my boss isn't like that.

Don't let him bother you. Just imagine that he's talking in some stupid high-pitched voice. That works for me.
For more tips, visit my blog. See ya.

Hey! That's a big one. Th aritcle is quite interesting, although i find some of the measures a little drastic like the first two points. The best way to me is by applying for training for him and using jargons.

Nice tips to get that stupid boss know his worth. I once had a boss who was like a know all but actually knew very little. I did all his work and had to put in lots of extra time to meet up but he was never really appreciative. I had to end up quiting. Wish i had such tips before

i have teribel boss, he isnot expert and very impolit , inefficient, jealous. i work in engineering company and we are electrical eng. , beacuse of he is not expert in his job , always try give us alot of work, and you know i cant stand his show off in front of other department people. i try not to bother any one but realy i cant stand him, in my countary at this time we can not chang our job beacuse of all company try release his employee.
every day i must see him and i hate him.
if you have any idea please tell me.

I have dealt with a stupid boss who really didnt think they were doing anything wrong. Wasnt until someone hire up actually told them their idea was stupid that they kind of got an idea. That was a great meeting to be in, the look on her face was priceless. Needless to say her entire attitude changed FOR THE BETTER.

my superior was more of a leader than a manager.

how do i define a leader? one who gives visions, general ideas, vague instructions, so-not-ellucidated plans n most of all give this " i'll have to check on that n i'll discuss it further about that with +++" --only to avoid the unanswerable questions fired @ him.

actually i pity him a bit cos he actually has great potentials lie within himself--that is to lead but NOT to manage.

my boss steals ideas, doesn't know the work but the "Top" thinks she's great coz she's good with upward management and she can't care less about developing the people in the team.

Tara, there is a powder that you can pour in your bosse's drink called cyanide. I used it on my ex wife and it worked well.

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