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Powerful Words In Marketing

Friday, July 31, 2009

Part of the marketing process is marketing communication, which involves direct selling or advertising copywriting. These form the showdown- the crucial window of opportunity for you to make your prospective customer act.


A sad truth is that human is so easy to deceive. Even more saddening is only 1 choice of word is enough to get the job done. Even more and more saddening is this is not a secret: traditionally marketers have been using these words for their financial gains, but these word still work, and I bet it still will even millenniums from now.

Basic Literature presents to you, the most powerful words in marketing:


Sales lines like ‘price-cut’, ‘now cheaper’ and ‘sale’ can really  work. Consumers quickly recognize the deal as valuable- admitting by purchasing the item will make them ‘smart consumer’.

“By buying this stuff right now for $50, I save $20!”

A classic deception- consumers will spend more to save more. Business wins.


‘Free! With a purchase of [product]’ or ‘ get another on free when you buy now’ is a popular way of writing-off obsolete stock. No matter how rubbish the free product is (of course they are, otherwise we’d sold them before), the term ‘value’ will transform the consumer into a systematic free-loader.

I don’t care if it works, as long as I get something for free…it’s a value deal.


Using ‘for limited time/place only’, coupled with the call ‘hurry-up!’ are very good to produce a state of hysteric paranoia, associated with having to face the possibility of out-of-stock disappointment.

“Oh no! What happen if I’m too late? Better grab it first before it’s too late.”

This type of thinking makes the customer ‘act first, think later’ which demonstrates the success in increasing sales of crappy products. Combined with a call-to-action tools like telephone number, it will multiply the probability of action taken by the prospect after being exposed to these words.


‘Money-back guarantee’, ‘No-Question asked policy’ plant the perceptions:

“I don’t have anything to loose if I buy this”,

“there’s no risk at all since I can return this”

…..in the consumer’s mind. Given the fact that marketers including physical retailers still use this word in the business, so few customers actually ever return the stuff the bought. Why? Because the regret they get after buying it will not be enough to persuade them through the hassle of returning the product.


Most of the time, it’s not like some credible third-party auditor with a systematic study that certify the product as ‘proven’. More often it’s the in-house, trivial experiments with intolerable standard of error that back up the claim saying the said product has been proven to work.

However, the word is powerful since it actually deliver the message into the consumer’s mind that

“hey somebody has been using it before me, so what the heck.”

With additional lines like ‘try it yourself!’, your sales will jump tenfold.


The word like ‘immediately available’, or ‘ready stock’ make consumers think that the product can be rapidly available for consumption which means the time needed for them to face the moment of truth (to the claims about the product) has been shortened.

Hey I can quickly use the product in a matter of minutes!

…even though the result may take several months to show up, it doesn’t matter. Because at the end of the day, ‘impulse’ decision is the only reason why so many products are sold.


Well…the bottom line is, consumers are always influenced by impulse decisions in purchasing goods and services.

The words listed above are the fuel for the impulse flame.


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Marketing is the game of Words. Strong Words can raise your chances to sucess. Words=work.

Personally i don't watch TV. It is dumb to do so when the net gives much intrection like a instance you are asking a complex qustion .

This may be true, but the majority of the population are tv watchers by a long shot.

Definetly true in web marketing... i just earned money in twitter if you are promoting free stuffs. the "free" word is the best..

The free word will attract traffic. But you should be able to create trust factor in the mind of customers. In web we make use rating from third party, money back offer, SSL encryption, security scan etc to create that image. I wonder how will you build that image in TV ad.

Manipulation of the media equals manipulation of the market -- manipulation of the consumer --- changes the market by allowing certain things and not others to become known --- the decision is never an informed one

if you are promoting the free stuff..the free world is best.great post.

They can change how you see any policy any President any nation any religion Media sways opinion and it creates awareness.

So the point is to manipulate the consumer's mind with the "right" words.. it could be useful for my internet marketing strategy, nice post

I'm in this business for ten years but I do not like my job. Marketing is much advanced, but for this job you must be ready at all. A lie is normal means of communication in marketing activities.

thanks for inspirational content for other which will help to other to do start earning

defiantly, marketing job is not a easy job. This job is right a man which has a good marketing communication with out you can't do this job.

One powerful keyword is

Whenever, I have "now" in call-to-action sentence, it usually increase conversion rate.

I wouldn't say that marketers are deceiving buyers, but that they are telling them what they want to hear. Although such a strategy is used for a while, people still like to think that they are making a deal if the product is on promotion.

A good marketer doesn't tell someone what they should by, he/she convinced someone that the product is worth spending money. It's all about communicating with potential customers in a manner that they respect. No one wants marketers force-feeding products down their throats.

Communication always involves putting a slant on the way information is conveyed. Marketers happen to possess a slant that puts money in their pockets. But politicians, parents and priests all possess their own slants on "the truth" and hope, through their words, to influence a behavioural change in their listeners that favours their view of the world.

Who's to say who's right or wrong?

yes the word "free" is powerful and will attract attention, but you need to be able to convert that attention into revenue generating action.

Free - is really a powerful word in marketing, who doesn't want free stuffs? But sometimes people get deceived especially by markerters.

The word Free is powerful but you may only attract non-buyers. The best way to use Free is to offer a freebie on top of a quality product that you are selling.

I have been online marketing for 5 years full time and come from a sales background before that and I have to agree that the power of words is quiet amazing and somewhat saddening.

Apart from emotionally charged and sales driven copy, I find down right decption to be what really annoys me. Many website online emply the use of scarcity saying this offer will increase in price soon, and ofcourse it never does. That I find pushed the boundaries for ethics too far.


Another would be "buy now until promo last" or something like that. People usually get pressured to buy something thinking that they wont get the same promo in the future.

Exactly! Words are so powerful for the marketers. One word can convince buyers. It's all about the "sales talk" they mean.

@Carmen Bennett and @Mike Collins:
I have found the secret of succes in online marketing. It is so simple, it's all about trust and onesty. I never lie my clients, I never make deceiving strategies. You have to be all transparent and onest and the clients will simply love you (and they got all the reasons to do it).

I know I don't fall into those traps, but they sure do work. When my attention has been sucked into an infomercial, I have to call in some extra will power not to ‘pick up the phone right away’ and call before those ‘20 minutes are up’.

"Limited" is a powerful word. The fear of loss or being left out is much more powerful than we realize.

Communication is probably the most powerful one for me. I've never really been good at communicating.

Yes communication is the most important factor of marketing any of your product or services. If you can communicate the advantages properly near your target audience then you can get better profit out of it.

stong words are the best weapon that can reach you and your product on the top in marketing field.

Yes these are the most powerful words in marketing.

I see them slapped around all the time, because they all work.

I agree with the fact that communication is the key factors in marketing. One cannot sell without being able to communicate what you sell except the buyer is really in dire need for that good or service.

i buy the opinion that communication is a vital tool in communication and i agree with the issue of giving free items. But i do not support Deborah Bradley's philosophy free being the powerful word in communication. Ones you base your marketing on free, there are two things, you either lose some profit or lose clients who might think there's something behind that "free"

yes I must agree marketing plays a huge role and the power of word is quite astounding. I find that strong guarantees work well but I hate it how when you try and claim you money back it is never that easy!

a marketing needs communication skill.,yeah its true.,without them not work,.company without marketing is down.,.all things in this life without marketing bstuck.,economic not grow.

often overlooked and under appreciated, marketing can be so important to making or breaking a product.

I majored in marketing and I have learned that marketing has alot to do with business!

It is very important to use strong words in marketing. With right marketing approach, you can even sell worthless things. Thanks for the post!

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