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How I Turn Blog Readers Into (More) Profit

Friday, January 25, 2008

I've read somewhere on the net that your blog traffic varies greatly between weekdays and weekends. Yes, weekends produce lackluster traffic figures. If you're experienced blogger, I guess you'll tend to agree with these facts (from problogger.net):

1. Readers were most active at the beginning and end of work weeks
2. Weekend reading was minimal

And if you have your common sense, you should know why this happens. During weekends, most readers are away on their holiday. They're enjoying their break from work. So they don't read blogs. Which brings me to my point.

"Most of blog readers are paid to read blogs."

..by their employer. They turn up in their office, power-up their computers, and begin blog-surfing.

They're not paid according to the number of comments they left, or how many millions of advertisements they suck in, but rather, their educational qualification and previous work experience.

I, as the owner of my company, see this trend as very promising indeed.

I therefore stripped all computers on my office from any internet connection except from our intranet (that I paid my personal friend hefty sum from the company to develop, which of course, some of them returns to me) and introduce a new (yes, another) HR policy for the sake of motivation.

Now, every employee who managed to achieve their weekly KPI (yes, I assigned them weekly because our HR consultant who is paid to do this is also my personal friend) will have their internet connection restored on the next Monday to read blogs, just for the single day of course.

The result? Brilliant. Productivity and profit soared as people are motivated from their needs of blogs.

Even I attributed the whole Monday for blog reading, I didn't loose anything at all since they just end up net-surfing and gossiping, and creating excuses for late turn-up during the day.

Blog reading is their carrots. Money is mine.

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What I feel after reading your entry:

1)Should I stop blogging?
2)Blogging n money??Is it worthy to have business like yours??

Haha!Nice experiment.Pls contac me - I want to be your partner!

One more thing..if this really increase their productivity, should we make it everyday?Unless if u don't want to improve the statistics...huhu..

@lienz, if you read me correctly, reading blog is more profitable than writing one. Because you don't have to crack your brain looking for ideas, and you still get paid by your employer.

As you can see, my strategy permits me to make more money from other bloggers' readers as well- statistics doesn't matter. Money does.

Then again, you have to own a company to do this.

You're treating your employees like horses! Carrot on a stick!

David (marketingdeviant), it's "blogs on a stick"!

I think I got my days mixed up. I should be reading this on Monday.

You're spot on! Always keep in mind blog reading is a career, and working during your weekend is a big NO.

Long time not see.

I think, it shows that we never get enough holidays (to rest and enjoy internet). Why not if we take Monday as our additional holidays?

Mrs.Bean, welcome back indeed.

Yes, Monday is always the day we feel the blues, but if we make it another holiday, then the blues will transfer to Tuesday.

Then people will ask for another holiday on Tuesday..and the scenario goes on and on until there's no working days whatsoever..

sebelum ni, ade kawan kite offer nak tlg ajar camne nak dapat duit melalui blog. sbb die cakap, blog kite cam dh ala2 femes gitu *yela sgt*, tu yg die excited nak ajar. tapi, sampai skang.. kite tak uat ape yg die ajar... huhu. sebab... kite blogging ukan utk duit. tapi, utk kepuasan. so, tak kesah lah tak dapat duit pun. janji seronok dgn blogging.

btw, memang masa weekend, tak ramai bloggers yg aktif. biasanya bloggers yg dh kerja lah. klw students, masa cuti yg aktifnya.

This is pretty interesting - I have never heard of a company using blog reading as a reward incentive before.

As for the traffic variations on weekends, I have noticed that there is usually a significant drop in my traffic from search engines on weekends, and there was an especially sharp drop in traffic during the holiday week (December 25-January 1), after which the traffic quickly increased.

I don't really have enough RSS subscribers to judge the traffic patterns of regular readers, but I wouldn't be surprised to see a similar pattern with this population also.

I'm not sure about whether any of this should really affect my blogging. I have consistently made one post for each day (including weekends) since my blog started back on March 31, and frankly I don't see any need to change this, except perhaps to increase frequency somewhat if I can get other people to submit articles or guest posts.

Ayumi, yes, some people do blog for non-monetary rewards. I don't make money from blogging, but instead, I making fortune from people's blog-reading.

Karlonia, blogging is fast becoming a significant addition to the corporate world. We should find creative ways to cash in from this trend.

BTW, daily posting is a remarkable feat, but even when we can keep up with the pace, readers may not be able to do so. Depending on your drive to blog, you can readjust the frequency accordingly. Or maybe not.

hmm, it might be interesting enough

but sometime disclosing your thoughts - like making money out of your visitors can be dangerous to your credibility

Bingo On-Line (hm..); credibility is the thing of the past the moment you decide to work with consultant. Imagine being one!

I felt a slap on my face while laughing all the way! Downright funny and full of sarcasm!

If you're one of my employee, you don't slap too hard. I'll be needing you for my next HR policy to work..

how bout students who had internet service provided 24hours and could go online 24 hours?

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