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How Companies Could (be) Exploit(ed by) Web 2.0

Thursday, March 27, 2008

If you never heard of the term "Web 2.0", then I'm sure your email address ends with Hotmail.com, and has already expired. I got a recent client anxious to embrace the latest digital phenomenon, but sadly, knows nothing about them. So I pinpointed him to the following slide I found on the net:

If you're working in a multi-billion corporation and got no idea what the term means, chances are you are in the highest level of the decision making chain. Like Guy Kawasaki said, the higher it is, the thinner the air will be, thus the harder it is to support intelligent life.

Hence it's a no-brainer guessing that this client is one of the VPs in his company. After some preliminary BS I pushed into his throat, I proceeded with my suggestions on how enterprises can get exploited by the Web 2.0 phenomenon.

Social Networking

You'll find more employees leaving your company after realizing what a douchebag they are working hard supporting your cheap @55 management policy. Professional networking sites like LinkedIn and Xing will give them a great sense of inferiority complex knowing that other peers with equal qualification are paid more than you could actually make per month.

Democratized Content

With emergence of social bookmarking services like Digg, your staff's IQ level will progress tremendously- backward- through reading non-credible news chosen by people that knows nothing about the subject but find it funny and 'entertaining'. Having friends to ask for help digging or stumbling their own article or blog post will also fuel this madness. And with wikis and sorts, say bye2 to 'credible and authorized' information.

Decentralized Access

Flock or Stumbleupon enables your employees to access their social features without even logging into their website. You'll have a peace of mind knowing that they actually prefer browsing through amusing web content rather than the pointless data you ask them to analyze. These websites are going mobile too, where they can check-out who updated their MySpace accounts through their cellphones while you're self-absorbed with the meeting you chair.

User-Generated content

Do you know that you can become a globally-popular figure by adhering to the following equation?

Number of stupid statements you make X number of anonymous bloggers in your company X number of tags X number of diggs = Level of stardom


As I concluded my advice on the subject,

"Web 2.0 = All play and no work makes Jack an incompetent nincompoop"

the client stared hopelessly to the ceiling and muttered "I should change my mood display on my blog"

"Don't forget to twit your followers how stupid you're feeling right now" I added.

(experience web 2.0 yourself, try any of the following link below. Hah!)

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hahaha :-)

I tried to Stumble It, see what happens

Imagine how companies like GM start asking their employees to stumble or digg their latest models!? It'll be crazy!

dont abused ur pos :P

Hi Zedd,
"Don't forget to twit your followers how stupid you're feeling right now" I added."

So,do you feel the same?

I start to feel that Zedd..but thanks to make me realize!

Bizgiftguru, thanks. Spread the excitements around. Hail the web 2.0!

MarketingDeviant, that's a great idea. I'll integrate that into my upcoming client's project.

@lienz, in fact, I'm feeling the other way around. I use the web 2.0 to make money- by providing bogus hope and confusing web algorithm to my clients.

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