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Observe The Labor Day

Thursday, May 1, 2008

Today is labor day.

For most of you corporate employees, you're taking a day off. You rejuvenate. You regenerate. But you don't celebrate. Because you don't even know the story behind labor day.

It doesn't matter really. You don't have any reason whatsoever to do that.

Because yesterday, like every other day, you reached home the same time burglars used to break into one.

Sadly, the starting point of the labor day is because they were fighting for 8 hour working day. (read more) Yes. Meaning if you come in at 8, you'll get to go back at 5, with 1 hour break. It was the success of their protest that landed us this holiday.

Which is meaningless.

Today we measure the productivity of a company by merely looking at their total number of office floors lit after 8:00pm.

And today's career advancement policy:

"We believe in hard work"

which means "You work until midnight everyday and NO, it's not a shift". And

"We believe in committed individuals"

which means "You have to work. After working, you can get back to work.".

With 3 quarter salary gone to financial lenders, employees have no choice but to comply. Furthermore, the jump to entrepreneurship is too risky.

And no, they can't jump companies. Because all they will see in interviews is:

Today, overtime "claim" becomes a benefit.

Maybe companies are getting bigger and bigger, and there's too many of them, so the chance of survival is only by buying other companies, or risk being bought over and laid-off.

So, survival needs lots of money, and because HR spends a lot, it's a no-brainer (literally) decision.

"We're buying our competitor. We need more money. Minimize the number of people. Minimize the pay. Discourage them from using their benefit. Tie everything according to their performance and benefits usage."

And that's when multi-tasking became compulsory. Just short of "Must be able to perform Liquidity Risk Assessment and growing a Hydrangea", but I suspect we'll get there soon.

Today, it's a known fact that today's corporate success must be achieved at the expense of your family.

"Daddy is a hardworking employee, he always come back late from work".

With such a great example to follow, imagine what will happen to those children when they grow up. I think, they'll be happily married- to their work desk.

Change it now.

Uphold the Labor Day. Let's cherish the 8 hour work-days. Fight greedy shareholders. Be back home on time. Save your family.

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Great to have a labor day as a public holiday!I also not really understand the meaning of Labour Day.I believe, even it is a public holiday - due to the company's'unique'principle, there will be a few people still working-is it because of the commitment?

If it is all about the commitment,how about the commitment to the our personal life? Is it too cruel to say that we are not just a labor but a stupid slave.

Haha!!Really enjoy this entry.I should forward this to all companies in Malaysia!

lol!!! Love last picture below. Great entry. I'll also send this blog to all companies in the Philippines.

well, I hate to see my staff staying overtime and I do make this clear to them... all that is required is for them to use brain, common sense and not make stupid mistakes or plain stupid things that take hours to fix ...

@lienz, clearly, 'commitment' is another word for celibacy.

BizGiftGuru, I've noticed some esteem business leaders, like you, who emphasized on having real human as employees. Sadly, most big corporations are still blinded by this new corporate mentality.

Great picture at the end. Too bad Labor day isn't a real holiday for most of us here in America.

Longer hours does not necessarily mean better productivity. The use of reward is a better alternative. Exhaust the workforce one day and see less productivity the next day.

hari pekerja baru ni, library tutup. sedey tol tak leh stadi kat library *konon jelah*. tapi, seb baek kedai makan tak tutup. huhu

zedd!~~ kite ade uat blog baru. tapi, versi wordpress lah. nanti jenguk blog baru tu yek :D eheh. kehadiran amat dialu2kan. ecece :p

James, thanks. Not until September that is.

MarketingDeviant, you're definitely right. But tell that to greedy shareholders and they'll reply "speak in English please"..

Ayumi, sorry been busy staging street riots in conjunction with the Labor Day. Will be there very soon..

Yeah, I enjoyed my Labor Day by working overtime for about 3 hours. Glad we won that 8 hour battle. Grr...


Hm, fulfilling your social responsibility with the post, I see. But then I see the free advert in your last pic and I feel better knowing that you haven't been replaced by a pood person.


~Elly, who, guess what? is working overtime...

I meant *pod* person.

Clearly all this overtime has gotten to my typing skills...

hai zedd.. kite datang nak wish happy holidays... and taking care okeh :D

George, maybe your employer wanted to reenact the condition prior to the historic day- so that you'll always be grateful. But I guess not, since the extra 3 hours must be on a daily basis.

Elly M, any so-called 'community message' is just a publicity stunt per se. Same here.

Crayon Akak, happy holiday for you too.

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