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Being Bold Or Being Stupid?

Monday, November 24, 2008

There's a fine line separating stardom and mediocrity. When you're in a situation that can propel you to be treated as a star by your company, being bold is the only decision you have to make. But wait. Being bold can also mean being stupid!

Be Bold!

When you're in a meeting, you try to get into the radar. You, being bold, interject with all your manliness, and begin to raise your salient point one by one with your face beaming with confidence.

But not realizing that you're being stupid, everybody shook their heads in disbelief, responding that the point you've given is too obvious to be raised in the meeting- everybody already knows about them.

Be Bold!

When you're one on one with your boss, you'll try to project your true quality. Being bold, you try to be honest and disclose your discontent with the way he manages certain stuff in your department.

You only realize that you're being stupid when you found out a couple months later your boss didn't gave you any raise, all your peers are being promoted and you're always stuck in the fringe of all your boss's favorable decisions.

Be Bold!

During one of your inter-department errands, you saw your CEO or company director nearby and quickly notice an opportunity to impress the generals. Being bold, you approached him, introduce yourself and try to have a friendly chat with him.

But unbeknown to you, you're actually being stupid- he responded with "you should spend your time more at your desk, this is not a shopping complex"

Be Bold!

When having to face your client/customer with a bad news, you decided to get straight to the point and tell the truth. Being bold, you explain what went wrong and how he/she is affected.

You knew it that you're being stupid when the customer hurls you with every possible unpleasing adjectives, starts calling you names, continuously banging the table and blaming you like hell- where in fact you have nothing to do with this mess apart from just conveying the news.

Be Bold!

When you need a new challenge in your career, you realize it's time to move on. Being bold, you tendered your resignation and accepted a promising job in a new and unknown company- hoping to be a key player in the company's rise.

You know you're just being plain stupid- 3 days into your new work, all the promises given to you suddenly seem too good to be true, your workplace is a mess, your colleagues are all unqualified, your boss is a jerk and your head is filled with "My former company is way better than this! I should have stayed there!".


Pathetic, isn't' it? So what separates being bold from being stupid? It's called 'do it'. So play it safe. If you're thinking of being bold- don't do it. Being a mediocre is better than being a regretful failure.

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Yes Zedd,
Pathetic.To be bold/someone important, need us to take high risks in our career - in fact, in our life. To be mediocre? Is it REALLY easy? For me it is more easy to be bold than mediocre...not all people can do that!

in nowdays it's hard to be yourself, without making compromises.

Mrs. Bean, yes it can be easier to be bold, that's why I wrote this post to remind them you don't have to.

Mia, if we compromise, than we're becoming someone else.

Instead of being stupid its better to be bold in my point of view and yes sometimes one needs to compromise on few things but still prefer being bold.

I believe being bold work better than being stupid, and compromising depends upon the needs and situation but generally i do not compromise.

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I definitely prefer being bold and i does not compromise of anything.

Like common sense, just better ... I think it is better to be bold. Not stupid or careless.

In my sense freedom lies in being bold and i prefer being bold than stupid.

Well sometimes we make the wrong decisions. Lets save face and not make things any worse. ;-)

Be Bold and use your common sense. But sometimes being stupid makes a sense too. :)

I lost most of my opportunities by not acting bold in my career but i learned from it and now i am definitely bold rather than stupid and results have been showing in my career.

Personally i am very bold too , i don't like other people treating me in wrong way , am face to face does not matter the consequences later on, as long as i don't commit anything wrong.

I can't figure out if you are serious or not. My guess is that you are being facetious. Serious or not, you're an entertaining writer! I'll be back.

oh duh! I just read your tag line "a satirical blog about our corporate world". Now I get it :)

Nine times out of ten Gandhi was a failure. What an inspiring man!

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