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Advertising To Children: What Ethic?

Sunday, November 30, 2008

Your mother must have told you, back then when you were  little “Don’t talk to strangers”. It’s a classic advice. Children are susceptible- they’re easily tricked, they lack a good sense of judgment, and can be emotionally driven by their desires.

Which is..


..for businesses to target. Marketers have tried to exploit the vulnerabilities of these younglings, but since they're not allowed to talk to strangers, it seems, at first glance, the chances to court them are pretty slim.

Luckily, there’s this electronic box that can quickly transform itself into a powerful subliminal hypnosis machine- it’s called TELEVISION. And we know children love TVs a lot. And they're easily swayed by nice advertisements.

There are so many ways we can get into their family’ wallet- as proven by the $600 billion sales children under 12 influenced years ago. Television is a hell good example. You’re never a stranger once you’re on air.

Stamp your brands earlyEven if your businesses are not selling children-related items, advertising to children is still awesome because exposing your brands to young kids are like sowing the seeds of loyalty- they’re going to grow up being acquainted with your brand name. 

It can court unsuspecting kids, capitalizing on their emotionally-driven judgment, and lure them into fulfilling your desire.

If you’re already advertising to children, congratulations. You have the same characteristic with a pedophile.

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me too, i believe it's not so good to leave children too much time in front of the tv

But nowadys its so widespread, TV is the major culprit, but even in grocery stores ,banks and schools . Its rampant, educating your child is the only possible solution

I agree with Cirrus, the only real way is to educate. As with anything else in life, education is the only way! After all knowledge is power!

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the companies should be careful about children ads. they should consider suitable products and time to expose the children

It's so sad that not every ad out there is safe for children. What's sadder is that they are the ones who are easily persuaded by these ads.
Seriously... ad companies need to at least come up with less evil but wittier advertisements.

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