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Don't Avoid The Ads!

Thursday, July 3, 2008

I don't normally appeal to the public conscience to elevate my business prospects because I believe their lack of one keeps consultancy firms like mine going.

But I must say, since advertising-campaigns consultation contributed significantly to our revenue stream, I must do something to protect them.

Be alert. There's an increasingly widespread plague among the human race which may endanger your bliss in life.

If you have any of the following symptoms, you're likely affected:

Consistent belief that the world has ended long time ago and now human is living in the delightful nirvana where freebies fall from the sky.


Belief that you have been elevated to the highest social strata who could possibly be rewarded with free goodies.


Belief that you are living on a social service where businesses serve you at a loss.


Whatever reason that you deem fit to start avoiding and whining about advertisements.

You know it's an open fact that advertisements subsidize the cost of productions and publications.

Take terrestrials TV channels for example. How on earth can you possibly get them for free (thank you advertisements). Or those 100+ pages glossy magazines that you pay just a tiny fraction of its publication costs to buy (thank you advertisements).

Or our beloved YouTube- which had they decided to charge you for their daily $1 million bandwidth cost (yes, that's daily), you'll be left with only underpants stolen from your neighboring clothesline (thank you advertisements).

Yet these infected people decided to hate ads. But being a sick dolt, they also despise paying for these services. Thus creating another paradox that'll keep philosophers busy.

To spot any possibly infected people, look for people who loves and owns TiVo. Or internet users who installed Adblocker with their Firefox. Or any of these people whining about another Google's unobtrusive business model.

This plague, it's not a zero-sum game. If more people are infected and start avoiding ads, it is possible one day, advertisers will stop advertising (since there's no response).

With no ads income, publishers will have to start charging and increasing their rates. Heck, when the days finally come, YOU have to pay more for almost everything.

Not that I care about you, but damn, I will loose my business!

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tiba2 diya rs zedd dh rajin update. hehe. kurang bizi ye skrg? uhu. diya kdg tak suka dgn iklan2 yg ada kat blog2. rs mcm memberatkan blog.

p/s-btw zedd, u're not malaysian rite? tapi, macam mana zedd boleh faham entries diya ye. hehe

So true... I feel bad not clicking ads now :(

Diya, I'm busy as always, just updating more frequently for the time being. Yup, ads do cause issues with loading time, but consider it like a commercial break- just like in TVs.

BTW, I'm a consultant. My job is to confuse people and provide solutions to the confusion.

MarketingDeviant, then I feel bad not putting ads in my blog now...

Finally...fiuh! I understand. To have the first paragraph in my mind, I have yes - agree to avoid.

But then move to your last paragraph, sorry..I prefer goodies rather that to pay more :-)

I read your posting. I agree you and found it very nice information. I hope all reader keep it in his minds.

@lienz, be thankful for those ads. It made lots of stuffs reachable. And me richer.

Hank, thanks..

Hence those are blessings and a reasons for freebies.

Ads are what make the world go round. Fortunately there are enough new people to the internet everyday that I dont think advertisers will ever run out of prospects.

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