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Fight The Monday Blues. Or Not.

Monday, July 14, 2008

Everybody is familiar with this day- it's a day when zombies rise from their death, walking aimlessly looking for things to remind them the suffering is real.

It's a day when your cubicle mood reaches the weekly low, it's a day when you just wish sleep-walking is a synonym for 'auto-pilot'. You wish all work is done without doing any work.

There's decent pointers around to counter this phenomenon, but seriously..being lazy by default, the last thing you would want to do is deceiving your unconscious soul to wake up.

Mundane Monday is a must. Even if you can temporarily disable the lethargic aura and face the day with your false sense of optimism, there's some 50 Mondays waiting next.

You know persistence is never your middle-name, and before you know it, the next Monday you will always realize that:

  • You spend an entire week just to rest for (at most) 2 days. Without any excuse to switch your cell-phone off.

  • Sluggishness becomes the one only similarity between you and all your colleagues.

  • You wish everyone's office is next door from their home. The morning traffic is unbearable.

  • You regret the way you spent your weekend- thanks to your standard 'How's your weekend?' pitch to start the ho-hum ball rolling.

  • You have a greater urge to be the boss, after watching his morning tardiness often went unpunished.

Don't fool yourself. Your body knows the truth whichever mean you use to cloak them. You had your break the day before, the lag will always be there when you start your working day again. It's the inertia effect. And I've even profited from it.

Don't be a hypocrite. Let's counter this Monday Blues using a more direct way - let's break this curse on Monday, let there be no more negative feeling on this very day.

Here's my ultimate prescription for you to weed off the effect of Monday Blues once and for all:

Work 7 days a week.

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Haha!!!Unexpected solution...please, don't do that!!
To be frank,(I believe not only me)keep looking at our PC's time - act like busy man, go to copy machine,and waiting time to be wasted just like that!
Hm,but I still can consider your tip..quite logic.

Hey zeddie, love the conclusion! But ppl in some odd-working-day places dread Sunday and not Monday! How does it feel to wake up Sunday morning to office? hmmmm...i bet you know that already!

While your solution is the perfect one I am trying another - do not work on Monday at all :-)

Mrs.Bean, the tip will also reduce any possible conflict in your life. Who needs quality time right?

Jenz, at least these people doesn't have to dread the traffic. It's always a bonus when it comes to odd working hours. And you don't have to queue at the movies during your days-off.

BizGiftGuru, if you don't work in Monday, say hello to Tuesday blue. it seems the only other possible solution is to not work at all.

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Hehe, nice tips but i dont think this will tackle the monday blues! This is a curse i suppose..wake up early in mondays and fight the laziness. This is the hardest thing that one has to do! lol! Nice post by the way. Keep it up!

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I think everyone has Monday blues..haha. That's why Fridays are often a favorite day!

Monday blues are part of life i think!! can't do much about them, I don't even work in an office anymore but still have them lol!!

Ever seen a film called Office Space? that will give you some inspiration!!!

Funny picture...

That is one nasty picture! Working 7 days a week is unthinkable!

MarketingDeviant, it's all in our head. We'll contribute more to the GDP. And possibly lengthen the Forbes billionaire list.

hai zedd!!! huhu. baru sempat nak drop sini. sori ye. zedd pun dh faham kot diya ni kejap ada kejap takde. hehe.

btw, sblm ni kan... diya pelik jugak kenapa lah org suka sebut "hari ni monday blues".. mmg diya tak paham pun. lama2 baru paham. rupanya ada kaitan dgn "kemalasan" nak pegi kerja ye. hehe.

Diya, hello. Remember, Monday blues is a symptom of laziness, not a cause.

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