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Being Lazy Is Not That Bad

Thursday, November 15, 2007

People talk about productivity. Being effective. Becoming enterprising, dynamic, energetic, exuberant, lively. Blah blah blah. Every way you'll see people lecturing about these over-hyped terms. There's even a seminar now around KL on the infamous 7 habits of highly effective people. Well, I find these people as:

As a response towards the 7 habits, I would like to enlighten you on the 5 Blessings of Being Lazy.

1. Lazy people always discover shortcuts

Come'on.. Do you think you stumbled upon CTRL+V while purposely reading the manual book? Or using the shorter trip home because "I don't like to waste money on petrol"? Lazy people always discouraged by bureaucracy and standard operating procedures. So they tend to find some work-around for a certain task. And the fact that they're too lazy to face the consequence, they even find ways to do it legally.

2. Lazy people sprung off new inventions

Telephone was never invented for 'discovery of communication evolution'. In fact, communication evolves because of our sluggishness. Remote controls because of our lethargic @55 reluctant to split with our sofa. BluetoothTM because "Why do we have to always point the sensors?" laziness with infrareds. Internet banking because we're too lazy to queue. i-pods because "the discman is too heavy".. Optical mouse because we're not that keen to clean the balls. Audiobooks??? Yeah, right. And..have you ever seen the 'revolutionary' Segway?

3. Lazy people buoys the service sector

With lazy people, companies find it increasingly difficult to motivate and inspire them. That's why training consultants are hired. Motivational camps are on the rise. And with lazy people constantly looking for medical leave (MC), clinics flourish. These people are often fired, so employment agencies are sought to do a better job in sourcing human capital. Heck, we're too lazy to keep our floor clean, that's why cleaning contractors exist!

4. Lazy people brings balance to the social hierarchy

What is right? When there is left. Who is hardworking? When there are lazy people. Lazy people is a relative reference to judge who is diligent. So they must exists so that management can offer promotion to the hardworking employees. Imagine all people works at the same rate, comes to the office at the same time, finish their work on schedule..Hard is it to find who deserves promotion?

5. Lazy people encourages thinking

I'm too lazy to think the fifth blessing, so why don't you figure out yourself.

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Ha, you have a point, as always. ;)

My favourite is #5. Hee.

ngaaa i like it. i like it. ahak ahak.

hehe suke post ni. sbb kena dgn kite yg pemalas. kui3.

lazy ppl have something different wit others :D

hehe, I love it! Very funny. :)


You have a point because you're the one who are lazy:-)

Yo!I'm thinking whether I'm the one who are lazy or hardworking...reading your points make me feel-it's better to be a lazy people!!!

Haha.. that's true..

Nowdays people always label someone lazy because of their act.

But actually 'lazy people's mind'(not all) keep on running to find better solution for their problem.

Yes. I can see there's a lot of lazy fan out there defending themselves in this post. Let's celebrate our laziness by calling in sick tomorrow!

he he, that why in Malaysia we have a special song for lazy people..like me

mR. BLACK Zedd..

I'm not lazy....

just need 'booster'...hahahahaha

Etomyam, you should now be proud of yourself being a lazy lad.

Joey, by booster, do you mean..crack?

i am soo gonna be lazy after this.
its funny, yet have gOod points.
keep it up!


Laziness FTW! nice article. it helped my declining self-esteem.. :)

you have a point! technology encourages laziness

what laziness! damn will someone make some tool to post what i am thinking.

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