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Let's Say It: WE LOVE MAYBANK!!!

Friday, November 16, 2007

The biggest bank in Malaysia is getting bigger!! How could you not love it? They have overseas presence like no other local bank, ATM machines everywhere, wide-spread popularity of its internet banking and a proud and brave tiger as its symbol. I have FANTASTIC experience with the bank, and day after day, such love for the bank is growing stronger! Below I would like to share with you why I LOVE MAYBANK!!:

Maybank loves your hometown

You can only open up savings account in your hometown (according to your registered MyKad address). Don't get them wrong, they just want you to love and contribute to your hometown. If you're residing in Kangar, and your hometown is in Kudat (Sabah), Go For It! They care for you very much that they don't want you to be like "Kacang Lupakan Kulit" or "Lupa Daratan". Even though they have one of the most advanced banking technology in this country, they still want you to go through this inconvenience- because they love you! And your hometown!

Maybank protects your life

The Shah Alam branch once asked my dear friend to enroll under their takaful insurance scheme if she wants to open-up her savings account there. The great thing is, it's compulsary and she has to pay like RM30 monthly or go find another bank. Maybank displayed what other banks failed- they really care about your life! That's why even though they know you'll disagree, they managed to work out something to force you to pay for the insurance. It shows how great the respect they have for your safety and well-being!

Maybank protects you from outrage

The bank industry is one of the stressful job for now as it is very competitive. Maybank realizes that its employees' stress is inevitable, so they protect you from the potential spillover effect. They forbid its branch staff from talking to you! That's why you were repeatedly ignored by the staff when you're dealing with them. And when you call it's helpline, you'll speak with machines for hours! Machines can't insult you like stressful people can. You see? That's how Maybank shows their love for you- by protecting you from the potential human outrage!

Maybank does your charity

They're very concern with your stingy lifestyle, so they figured a way to do some charity for you. That's why they're charging you for everything that they practically can. Remember those days during the over-the-counter fee? They said they're charging for the counter transaction to encourage you to use the ATM and on-line banking. Well, those services are charged as well! You pay for ATM cash widrawals exceeding 4 time in a single month, and now I heard they're charging RM12 for Maybank2U! Your money isn't going to their employee, because I heard the pay 5ucks! So, it must be their thousands of shareholders! Maybank loves you, they make sure your charity is widespread!

Join me! Let's poach the company because WE LOVE Maybank!!!

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tak pernah agi kite simpan duit dalam maybank. cuma skali jerk penah guna atm maybank utk kuarkan duit akaun bsn. masa tu terdesak ngat dah. carik atm bsn tak jumpa, bantai atm maybank jelah. tapi, die ade charge sket ah. klw tak silap dalam singgit lebih. not sure. betul tak zedd?

n one more thing. teringat plak iklan maybank yg org sarawak tu. rsnya iklan tu antara yang ter-best bagi kite :)

Yes zedd...100% truth!!!I’ve experienced last time with Maybank.I need to pay RM 30 @ RM 50 for TAKAFUL PROTECTION!I went back to my office and made complaints directly to my big boss. He had call Maybank HQ for clarification and TIME FOR MAKI!!!Finally, I can open my Saving Accounts there without any 'PROTECTION FEES’. This is what we call true PROTECTION!!

Ayumi, of course they'll charge you for interbank transaction. They're even charging you for making them richer.

Mrs. Bean, please consider their shareholders before declining the Takaful offer. Be compassionate.

Recently Maybank was awarded The Most Valueble Brand (or the most trusted brand?). The runner-ups were among the best service-based company. Giler la maybank, maxis, genting, bumi, digi, astro and others kene taruk kaw kaw wei.. heheh go maybank go maybank!! charge us as much as u can :)

Yes, I heard the bad news recently. It must be a systematic typo error across all media, as the bank surely deserve an award only for phony customer service.

Branding strength aside, they never rank good in Euromoney's best bank award in recent years, and probably never will.


maybank2u is so user friendly and not like some other such as bankislam.biz that make me so pening.

have u heard about maybank workers tunjuk perasaan at maybank head - kotaraya? bout they dont get high-enough pay and bonus or something like that.

To B.Z. : am I glad NOT to have an a/c with them. & I thought it's only the politicians that're CLOWNS in this country. Never realised that the banking industry's a classic CIRCUS ATTRACTION as well.

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