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How to Discipline Your Subordinates

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

I know some of you work in those upper tier of management. Congratulations. You have everything one can wish for in their carrier life. You have walls in your office, your own long-suffering secretary, a stupid but otherwise stylish voice-command telephone. Some of you even have 5-digits income. I know, the digits might be reduced to 3 have you been caught by the Inland Revenue taxman. But hey, nice job.

So you should understand by now that being up there means taking care of people down there. Yes, your subordinates. Are there any bad apples? Dumb perhaps? Or maybe disobedient? Anywhere you work, I bet these type of people are around. I understand, you tried everything. Reducing their raise, cutting their allowance, scolding and humiliating them in front of their other colleagues, and even the useless "tell me if you have personal problems...I'm your friend, you can trust me.." kind of reverse psychology.

Well, those ain't gonna work my friend. Professional relationship has been challenging in this world of Blackberry. The way we communicate has changed. So does the way we humiliate. Or motivate. Even more importantly, we have to change the way we castigate. So today I'm going to share with you my best way to discipline your subordinates. It is illustrated in it's clearest form in the vid below:

Do it often to the staff you chose. Watch how your respect level rise to the one unimaginable before. Be the jack@ss you've been dreaming of.

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the video was very funny ler! :)) memang tekanan jiwa kalau ada yang uat camtu kat kite. hip3

Well...someday you'll DEFINITELY meet a boss like this. They're everywhere. You can't be TOO lucky!

HA! I can't believe you actually found a way to share your favourite utube vid on your blog! LOL

Devious, aren't we?

I believe devious is an understatement. Intelligent is more correct. Just like how our freaking banks find their way to charge us useless fees.

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