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New Low-Cost Airline!!

Thursday, November 8, 2007

Welcome to Air Asiam. We are a new local low-cost airline company operating a no-frills concept. What make us different? Our no-frills concept means lower cost, which means we can pass on the benefit to you in the form of lower pricing! Check out our unbelievable price in our ads:

Yes! Negative pricing! We are an extremely low cost airline (as proven by the recyled ads above), so low that we can afford to offer negative price for you. This means if you purchase a one-way free ticket to Langkawi with us, WE PAY YOU RM0.99! How great is that?

There's no catch! Guaranteed! Checkout www.blackzedd.blogspot.com for on-line purchase. Sorry, we're so cheap that we can't afford to get our own website and hosting.

Terms And Condition

1. Stated price in our promotional material is for promotional purpose only.
2. Low fares are limited to our delusional early-birds passenger only.
3. By agreeing to use our no-frills service, you're acknowledging there's no frills whatsoever and accepted the fact that you'll be treated like a beggar living on social service.
3a. Disabled passengers are prohibited. It is a frill to provide support for them.
3c. No meals will be provided. It's a frill. No outside meals are allowed. It's a frill.
3d. Passengers who are late for check-in will be forfeited and fined 10 times the value of his ticket. The ability to negotiate is a frill.
3e. We will cancel and postpone your flight according to our own preferences. Your ability to schedule is a frill.
4. Complaints, requests, suggestions and inquiries are not permitted. These actions are a frill.
5. You will not sue us for any reason whatsoever. Your rights as consumer is a frill.
6. You admit you're a cheapskate and prepared to be treated accordingly.

That's It! Come and book your ticket now!!

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is it true? i need to go to Penang now!!!

We're sorry but all those cheap tickets are taken. Those left are priced according the regular normal rate;-)


For this entry post I don't know why agreement sheet or TOS whatever related with law always using small font..huh wonder what actually they try to hidden..

I see you have a good blog here and good content as well so congrat for you and keep it up ya.

Happy blogging

I think u need to make the font for T&C smaller.. Haha.. This airline will be World Airliner of The Year.. Haha.. Want me to be your partner?

I'm sorry, but i'm not looking for any partner. Neither do I want any award for my airline. I'm just interested in ripping off profits alone - through illogical advertisements and false hope.

Will make the T&C smaller. Maybe in nanometres..Thanks!

Everyone can fly, eh?
But is airasia service as gOod as MAS?
neva fly with airAsia yet. wish to try sometime.

They've introduced another stupid baggage policy.

Now everyone can be treated like a fly.

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