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Help Me! (some charges apply)

Friday, November 9, 2007

What's wrong with that? Yes, I'm in dire need for help. But I'm gonna apply some charges for you to help me. Yes, if you agree to help me, you have to pay me.

Why not? You have been doing it for a while now. Don't discriminate me. Remember when those Akademi Fantasia, Malaysian Idols and some other reality sh1ts going around the tube? You were willing to pay RM0.50-RM1 just to help them choose their winner. And you even do it every week, especially during those finals, when some of you spend hundreds just to respond to the outcries of the producers. "Viewers at home" they said.."Only you can decide their fate. Vote now".

You're so sympathetic to their cause that you're even willing to solicit more help from your brothers and sisters, your father, mother and even your grampa in-law.

It's a good deed, what you've done. Remember TV3's Buletin Utama poll? When they're asking your help to boost their rating? They do public polling, so that more and more people watch the show to discover what Malaysian think. Not just you help them by voting, you're even willing to pay RM0.50!

Even the newscaster is in awe of your good deed.

Back to my problem. I need an opinion from you guys. I'm preparing a proposal for our government for the incoming general election. Each of malaysian citizen who wants to vote must pay RM100 to do so. The fee is reasonable since the outcome is far far far more important than "who will be the next Malaysian superstar?". And it can provide comendable figure to the government's coffers so that they can rethink of the imminent oil subsidy reduction. And best of all, I can reap some of the profit through my proposal fee.

So what do you think? Will it work? SMS me your answer. Each SMS will be charged RM1. Thank you for your help!

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ohmigosh. a vote worth a hundred? *speechless*

p/s-btw, kite tak pernah n takkan habiskan kredit utk vote sesape even kite kipas susah mati AF :D

That's live...what to do...STILL ALIVE BECAUSE OF MONEY...

I considered a hundred bucks as a bargain.

Ayumi, if you never vote for AF, then you're not as generous as other fans. Consider doing more charity;-)

hi there

errrr.....if you vote then you must pay 100 bucks......

don't know la if there's any people want to vote...

reduce the payment...please?....hehehe

Joey, I've considered your bargain. I altered the proposal:

RM 20 for each vote


RM 300 mysterious surcharge

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