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How To Avoid Helping Your Co-Workers

Friday, September 12, 2008

One of the burden of the office job is when your co-workers come and seek your help- it often ends up with a burdensome task that will result to more workload.

By eliminating the request from your peers alone you will free up a significant amount of work. Here's how you can do it.

Before we begin, set your own cellphone number on your desk phone's speed dial and vice versa.

When your co-worker approaches you to seek your help, follow these steps:

1. Tell him/her "Oh, one minute, I have to make this phone call"

2. Dial an incomplete number. Start talking.

3. When he/she's not looking, speed dial your cellphone number. (Keep talking)

4. Your cellphone will ring. To your fake amusement, answer your cellphone. Tell the imaginary caller that you're busy on another line, ask them to hold.

5. Switch back to your desk phone. Talk.

6. Hang up your desk phone. Continue talking on your cellphone.

7. When he/she's not looking, speed dial your desk phone.

8. Repeat step 4-7 (switch the phone type) until your co-worker becomes bored and leave.

What if your co-worker returns for the second time?

9. Of course, repeat step 1-7.

What if
your co-worker returns for the third time?

10. Do step 1, but dial his desk phone number instead.

11. Your co-worker will return back to his desk to answer the call. Hang up once he/she arrive at his/her desk. (you should keep pretending and talk)

12. Repeat step 10 & 11 every time he/she returns.

What if
your co-worker still return after the 10th time?

13. Call your boss.

14. Pass the phone to your co-worker, telling him/her the boss wants to speak with him/her.

15. Once your co-worker says hello, stomp on his/her foot really hard. Let's hope he/she'll curse your boss and end up getting fired immediately.

Tadaam! One less work today!

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Great idea.

But Zedd, what happens if my colleague tries the same steps on me? :(

That's a funny trick and really amusing one. I think i should try it.

I'm thinking about making my own home office

Wonder, if you're sensing someone is trying to do these to you, you can just proceed to the final step by calling him to your desk.

Unbelievable that such idea existed. I never imagined it. I already have a picture of the scene when i'll do it with my fellow colleage. lol


Very nice idea really i am shocked to read it out.But i think it is better if one can approach the problem of his co-worker because who knows one day you will have some urgency with him.


Gopal, you just prove to the world humanity still exists in the corporate world- being gullible.

aku test nanti buat kat bos aku maner tau jadi

Have a talk with them about their performance. Your co-worker is a professional, they can handle constructive criticism. If their performance is effecting yours, you need to talk to your boss. As a professional, it is not good for your career to have people who hurt your performance working around you.

what an idea!!! bravo man. i had been finding this type of tricks for long time. my co-warkers just making my life hell. any problem come to me. and i solve those most of the cases. i feel shame to say them no. but now i got the way.

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