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6 Benefits From Not Getting Promoted

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

It's so unfortunate that you have to miss that last promotion. I know, it's kinda tough when you've set your hopes high then get turned down.


But there's a silver lining in every cloud, once a door is closed, another one will open. Here's the benefit if you don't get the promotion you always wanted:

1. Improved Anger Management Skills

Being constantly ridiculed by fellow colleagues while laden with the anger towards your boss, you'll be forced to equip yourself with improved anger management technique since you don't want to end up in jail.

2. Enhanced Creative Talent

You'll make up bull5hits to tell everyone outside your office about how you're mistreated, that there's a conspiracy to deny your promotion, on how favoritism cost you dearly. But the fact remains the same: you're not qualified for the promotion and now you're polishing your creative skills.

3. Enriched Knowledge

With this disappointment, you'll finally say "It's time to move on". Which means you'll spend more time reading the newspapers and surfing the net for job openings. Ah, finally, you'll do some reading.

4. Get New Friends

Being turned down breed disappointments, which will gain you new friends- explicit one like therapists and whine-partner, along with implicit one like booze and cigarettes.

5. Better Financial Awareness

People always spend lavishly in anticipation of a raise associated with a promotion. Thanks to credit cards. Now thanks to the plastic, and the failure to get the promotion, you're caught in debts, so burdening that you're actually thinking about being a wise spender.

6. Keeping The Low Profile

Not getting the promotion means you're one step lower under the radar, which will spare you from the increased fame. You'll have more peace of mind, saving yourself from being a potential target of gossips and defamation.

And not getting the accompanying pay raise will also mean you're less attractive to those robbers. It's good because unless you're me, you won't get richer every time you're robbed.

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Fiuh!!!New entry from Blackzedd!!!

Ish!You make people out there realize it is OK for not getting promoted at all!!Ha!!Ha!!

People have to start thinking, if all staff get promoted, then there is no balance-management in their life.I think it is good to have these 6 positive benefits, perhaps these will improve them more - strive to get promoted next time!!

Ah, Zedd, you always can find the sarcastic silver lining in every cloud. XD

Ah, time to do some 'reading' then...

@lienz, every failure needs a justification. It reduces the cognitive dissonance of such looser.

Elly M, as there's a sarcasm in every tale, there's always an excuse in every failure. Made-up that is.

Why would actually anybody want to get promoted ?

P.S. Great video :-) Always wanted to do that to those ***holes smoking in NO SMOKING toilets in NO SMOKING buildings

I have read many other entries on this blog. I think you have a lot of reasons to justify anything and how to cop with all current crises in a funny way. I am glad to be here.

BizGiftGuru, I recommend you to extend the target beyond those ***holes, it would be more fun..

Stair, every failed individual needs a justification to cloak their failure.

I've definitely enhanced my creative talents a few times :). Particularly, as a younger fellow.

Many factors, in various combination's can be the cause, but one thing is almost certain. Like it or not, you and you alone must take most of the credit or the blame if your career is stuck on "hold." , Good to the benefits and thanks for the article.

One more advantage, you get an official certificate not to do anything new.

Many people assume that good job skills at their current job make them eligible for promotion. Skill at what you do is important, but doesn’t necessarily merit promotion. Aim for being not only great at what you currently do, but also demonstrating ability to be great at the job to which you want to be promoted.

guy i do not want to follow you man. you will make me lose my job. because when i read your posts i try to apply and getting lazy. so do not spoil me man.:)

Not getting a promotion should not mean disappointment or change in your attitude towards your job. Consider the possibilities that perhaps, the company could not afford to have promoted you.

Sometimes it is better to just move on if you cannot move up in a company.

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