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Should You Work In Big Corporations?

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Lots of corporate aspirants favor big giant companies when they decide who to work for. Although generally a better paymaster, are big companies a right place to spring your career?

Because when you work in companies with so many people....

Rules will always be broken....

... by someone on a daily basis. And so does the HR efforts to cover the loopholes. And company guidelines will change every other day. And you'll be left in the limbo, because when you start to refer to the employee handbook for pointers, they are already outdated. I mean, who wants to reprint thousands of those useless guide that no one seems to care about except the Domestic Inquiry panel?

What you'll accomplish: Discover "I didn't' know that...." doesn't work.

Haywires are bound to happen...

...which HR advocates have found a way to deal with them. It's called the 'effective organizational structure' with a trillion chains of command and hierarchies of authority. Which means you're 1000 superiors away from impressing your C.E.O. Which means you're probably reporting to someone that's out of power to even say 'I think you're doing a good job'.

What you'll accomplish: Ability to work without recognition.

Repetitive task will be more appalling....

..and something must be done to minimize the problem of having millions of idiots doing 1 same work. That's why someone decided to find out who Adam Smith is and some reading later, 'job specialization' was born. Which means you'll be so specialized in a single work, and doomed to do the same routine task every day for years.

What you'll accomplish: Better understanding of a Zombie.

Everything seems to be standardized....

.....because it's hard to play fair if you're dealing with whiners, more so if they exist in thousands. Management can't grant flexibility to one department without employees in another crying out favoritism. So no. No special treatment. You're entitled to the same employee rights, claim rates, benefits and compensation tiers as the weakest looser in the entire company.

What you'll accomplish: First hand experience of "We are an equal opportunity employer"

Cost is a big factor....

....because big corps tends to have a big appetite for operational cost. Hence the micromanagement of expenditures (but not in employee satisfactions). So every simple proposal will have to go through millions of different committees before you can even start to consider calling them a proposal.

What you'll accomplish: Learn new jargon - "To Propose a Proposal"

Geographical placement is crucial.....

....that's why big corporations are often nestled inside one big building. If modern architecture is correct, parking spaces will never be built to match the number of occupants inside. So there's always short of parking spot, which means either you have to come the night before to secure a parking lot, or start calling roller-blade your car.

What you'll accomplish: Sharpen the road rage talent

Office antiques are more intensified...

..because when there's so many actors, the office drama will have a wider variety of scenes, so your life will always be filled with new chapters of gossips, smears, conspiracies, bullies and social quarantines.

What you'll accomplish: Higher potential to play a leading role- the naive victim.


There you have it. Now take a look at these Fortune 500 companies. Avoid them. If it's too late already, STOP BRAGGING about your company. Because now we all know that big corporations suck - big time.

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This is a very interesting topic. Working from home as a home based travel agent in the travel business, I'd say I prefer doing this as opposed to major corporations. It isn't always easy climbing the corporate ladder!

Working for a coporation takes a lot of dedication. Unfortunately, many people switch careers and whatnot. It is possible to advance well within a corporation with hard work and discipline.

Haha..very funny..but yes, that is true!
As we are given few choices in our life, just accept that it is all depend on us. I can see there are many things that you can ACCOMPLISH-the unexpected thing is point no.6..hehehe...never realized that!!But, be careful..if let say, the small comapany doing the same..it is better to choose the big corporation!!

@lienz, if people experience the same scenario in smaller companies, it is better to resign and become a professional whiner.

You know I hate to do that. In past I have left such jobs just to join a smaller organization. We can get better rankings and more respect. power, and authority.

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