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10 Reasons Why Theory Y is a Lie

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

For sure you've heard about the Theory X and Y management styles. There's even theory Z, but then I don't think it fits the continuum of the first 2 theories to be relevant.

Let's see theory X. Managers who are the proponents of Theory X will ALWAYS assume their workers are lazy and are reluctant towards working. Thus managers need to continuously enforce, monitor and crack their whip on these workers.

Theory Y managers are the complete opposite. They will always assume the best out of their employees, seeing these people as independent, reliable and self-driven employees. Encouragement and motivation is the way to go.

Well, I have my own theory. It sounds like this:

There is no such thing as Theory Y.

Why? Because a theory is just a speculation, it only exists so that a more astute observation can qualify or nullify its validity. Oh crap. I don't think you're following me. Let me rephrase.

If something is consistently proven wrong, we shall no longer call it a theory.

You should agree with my view that theory X is the only acceptable theory. After all, you can't assume the best out of yourselves when there's things like these:

  1. You complain about not having any internet connection in office. But when you do get one, 9 out of 10 tabs will consist of entertainment sites.

  2. Your routine morning e-mail activity is mostly spent on reading and forwarding funny chain mails. And the occasional "forward this to get $1 billion in your account" emails.

  3. If you come in late, you will never tell your boss if he didn't realize it.

  4. You're only eager to go to work if your boss is out of town for conferences or holidays.

  5. You felt joy when you're assigned to go out of the office, which you will always drop by someplace not related to your work.

  6. You always wish you have the best desk- the one located near the walls so nobody can see your PC screen. If your cubicle have glasses, you'll paste every schedules available on it so that your sleep will be unnoticed.

  7. You would always ask how much is the salary FIRST if there's a job offer or promotion.

  8. When calculating allowance claims, you will always overestimate. When filing your tax return, you will always underestimate.

  9. The only reason you keep track of your projects and deadlines is to identify the time when you can sit back and relax.

  10. You never talk about work in the cafeteria. You will always whine about them.
So let's admit that there's no such thing as a motivated, self-driven, ambitious and trustworthy employees. At the end of the day, all you ever care for is bringing the most money home - by doing the least work possible.

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Dear Zedd,

Although I would like to say otherwise, my only comment is....

"Oh Dear!"

Theory X sounds more logical :D

Hmph, I admit... I am guilty of about 80% of the above... hahaha! (hey, I'm not totally hopeless...)

Re: #1, yes, most us us do it reading BlackZedd.com ;)

Anyway, congrats on the spanking new website! \o/

First of all, I can see that the motivation is come from MONEY,& maybe the 'Happiness'too...Why it is so difficult to find the perfect Y theory person? Hm,I agree.It is no longer theory but DREAMING!

Avatar, shocking what self-reflection can do to us..

MarketingDeviant, it's because theory Y is completely illogical.

Elly M, thanks. Anybody in the corporate world is guilty for at least 100% of the facts. BTW, Black Zedd is part of your work. It's the basic literature, remember?

@lienz, everybody is motivated by money more than anything else. Money is not the end, it's not the mean to an end. It's the mean to an idiot. A carrot.

uhu. sblm ni tak penah dgr psl teori x and teori y. but since last sem belajar HRM [Human Resource Management], baru tahu psl teori tu. :)

anyone beside me notice how much that list relies on the boss and the hiring system?

I don't know if you are im management or not, But if you are then the problem with your employees lies in yourself or the hiring process. Meaning that either you show that you distrust your employees and they (Obviously) live up to your standards and that you have a serious flaw in your screening process.

I know it is difficult but self motivated employees are out there. If yu can't find them then it is your fault.

If you are not in management then you're just a sycophant who perpetuates the same redundant crap.

I can promise you the person who wrote the drivel above is most certainly not in Management at a capacity where it matters. A competent leader weeds out the employees of Theory X and seeks to keep, motivate and grow the employees of Theory Y. I realize this blog is mean to be satirical so perhaps the author was simply making the note about an experience we can all share of work force members that are well, simply hopeless.

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