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Blog Commercialization is Imminent!

Monday, August 4, 2008

I've never slap any adverts in my blog before, but since I owe a lot to the capitalists' ideologies, I'm about to change that and screw the unfortunates with intrusive, obtrusive and annoying advertisements.

Not that I need the money badly, but I believe if you can't come out with something that you need, your incapability must be penalized. This is how 'equilibrium pricing' works anyway.

In months to come, you'll be harassed with adverts which will tremendously effect your browser loading time, your focus on the content and subsequently your mood for the day.

Thus this is a great time for you to actually learn what RSS subscription is so you can read my writing without actually being here.

Video: RSS in Plain English

Subscribe to my full feeds through a feed-reader, or read my writing through your email. I will not spam you nor sell your address to anybody.

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(Thanks Avatar for bringing this up)

But of course I will not let you get away that easy. By reading my writing in someplace else, you will miss some planned features for this site (like the new upcoming Sidenotes), which will be only available if you come here and suck those ads. If you're curious what those features are, check this blog more often then.

New Address:

As the first step towards my evil plan, Black Zedd's Basic Literature is now streaming from a new address: www.blackzedd.com. All old links will be redirected to this domain.

For you people out there who are struggling to remember my address and type 'Black Zedd' in Google's search bar (I know), now you don't have any excuse to do so. Just type Black Zedd, add the typical dot com (or press CTRL + ENTER) - and voila!

Some changes will take place from time to time to accommodate this wicked strategy. If you're accustomed to my writing, you'll know the suffering is an exaggeration. But then stock valuations also work this way.

You should have seen this coming. Resistance is futile.

Thank you for reading Black Zedd's Basic Literature, the place where you learn that the truth about corporate world and your faith on humanity will always have an inverse relationship.

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Do your existing e-mail subscribers have to subscribe to this new domain and unsubscribe the old one?

Low tech bloggers like me need some guidance-lar :)


Oops..thanks for asking..existing subscribers don't have to resubscribe..my feed is redirected to Feedburner and the address of my feed haven't change.

Hehe...okay, no problems then :)


Hey I'm glad you're adding adverts - your blog looks a little lonely without them! Seriously though, what's the big beef? Most blogs have them and if you really care about your loyal readers who click through and comment, then you can just leave them off new posts for a week or so and then have them come in for anyone coming through from a search.

Cheers, JobLot

Avatar, thanks again..

JobLot, my idea of advertisement is it's a sort of penalty. The higher your needs, the more you have to suffer. Obviously we're not talking about the first-timers here..

It's how Loyalty Program works. The more you buy, the more they will harass you with so-called 'targeted' promotion.

love the "ads by blackzedddddddddd" and your blog as a whole. found you via entrecard of all things! I really like the simple look of your blog and the humorous but helpful tips/writing.

My blog wants to be this streamlined and clean when it grows up. help? :)

Thanks. The clean image is just a bait to generate more returning traffic. Every blog, once it grows up, will be filled with ads and annoying banners. Same here.

Wow, new domain. A further step to stamping blackzedd's authority and fame.

Ladies and gentlemen... introducing....

Zul, yes. That and to punish people who desire the absolute truth in the corporate world.

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