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What About Me?

Thursday, November 22, 2007

When I went to other blogs to irritate them, I stumbled upon a lot of blogs that write blogging tips. One of the unique guide I found out is How To Write The 'About Me' Page.

Hell...I don't even have that page, so as an appreciation to the generous time spent by the author to write the freaking useful tip, I'm gonna start one. Allow me to pluck his recommendation here:

  1. write about who you are…
  2. your expertise and how it addresses…
  3. their problem or goal, and how they can…
  4. contact you
Among other important tips from other unrelated blogs:

  1. Be specific of who you are with facts and figures
  2. People will come back to your blog if they know you well
  3. Publish your own picture
  4. Anonymous blogger is a traffic killer
Noted. So I sat down, went through every detail above and slowly crafting my "About Me" page. I made sure everything is as per guide above. Finally, I am proudly presenting...About Me:

About Me

Hi. My name is Black Zedd. This is how I look like:

I am a Chief Executive Officer of a marketing consulting company called Gobloc Insulting.

I have a Degree in Deceptive Marketing, and am currently doing my Master in Consumer Manipulation. My company is mainly engaged with stupefied clients providing false hope backed by strong trickery analytics. We believe in a win-win situation, whereby both my company and my company win.

I believe in full utilization of working hours, therefore I write this blog only when I'm working. I am filthy rich, and count cars as my favourite toy. I have several Ferraris in my mansion including a couple which I stole from an unsuspecting client (I told them it's for a focus group study).

I have troubles matching my cars with their keys

In this blog, I'll tell you why you as a consumer and an employee should waste your time reading it. If you're offended by the content of this blog, I can't be happier. If you're not drunk, you should know how to contact me.

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You're freaking funny.. Hahahaha.. I enjoy all this stuff.. Keep up a good work Zedd.. :)

ha!ha!ha!I never meet such a funny ‘PERLI’ blog as you!Please...teach me on how to answer such question especially in an interview"Tell me about yourself":-)

hahaha. u hav lots of ferraris? can u give me some? :p

Vader, my work is all about ripping people off their money. If you want me to keep it going, please be my client.

Mrs. Bean, career consulting (read: insulting) is part of my trade. Will consider your suggestion.

Ayumi,I can't seem to remember where did I put them. My mansion is too gigantic. Hope you'll understand.

I'm an anonymous blogger and my site has almost no traffic. Thanks for the tips. Your profile is hilarious.

hahaha. i understand it. *u're such a funny man lerr* :p

how about partner? i'm good at squeezing people's money. hahaha.

Neoauteur, to get traffic, you can remain anonymous as long as you keep insulting people.

Ayumi, you're such an understanding person. But still, I couldn't find those cars.

Vader, you can be my partner in my next venture. Its objective is to rip-off my partner's money.

You had me in stitches, man... the pic of the praying-mantis sure describes your business ethics perfectly ahaks

Ethic is an excuse for cowards. I prefer "Desire for sustainable growth".

Very well done!

You are absolutely hilarious...and QUITE informative, ahahaha.

I also love the layout. :D

Itsjennie, after I told you about my inspirational life, you find me hilarious? I'm gonna cry in a corner now..

it seems a bit to generic


That's what a top professional blogger mentioned in his web page and noob bloggers like to suck everyday.

By claiming to be a professional, every generic recommendation is a goldmine.

I don't know malaysia have so many Ferraris :)

Craw, thanks. Blushing now..

BaseGuardian, most of the Ferarris here are mine. I misplaced most of them in my mansion, so you'll see a lot less on the road.


Your about me page is hilarious :)

Way to go... wish I found it before I did mine in my blog :(

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